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East vs West Leadership Training

With Your Host Dan Catto

MLM Leadership Training East Vs West

The goal of every Network Marketer is to have a massive, residual income generated from building a large, thriving and global organization. To do this there are many skills that one must posses and be a master of in order to be successful. On the top of that list is leadership. Understanding how to instruct, coach and mentor people in your MLM organization is vital to your continued success.

When your MLM organization is global and in multiple countries you potentiall could have cultural differences that pose problems with your leadership ways. Dan Catto, a 23 year veteran in the MLM industry has successfully built multiple global organizations totaling in the hundreds of thousands. His current organization is rapidly approaching 1 million distributors. So to say that Dan knows how to overcome cultural differences and lead a massive group is an understatement.

That is the purpose of this training. Dan will walk you through the differences between the East and West cultures and how they apply to your MLM organization. In addition to this, Dan will also discuss the various stages the MLM industry is in as well as compare where MLM stands in the East versus the West. This training is invaluable to those looking to build global MLM organizations. You must understand how to overcome these challenges before you encounter them. True leaders are always building their skills, they do not wait to until they have to, they increase their skills because they want to!

Please note that space is limited. Follow the directions shown to get your spot registered for this amazing training. Take some time now to register for this webinar training, as well as get your group on this webinar to so that they too can learn what it takes to be the best leader possible and drive their MLM organization as well as yours to new heights! Get registered now by clicking here.

If you have any questions or issues registering for the webinar, please contact Engineered Lifestyles directly through our Contact Us section.

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