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What is Noni Fruit?

Understanding Noni Fruit

While noni fruit is a relatively small, potato-sized fruit, its health benefits are rather extensive. Noni fruit is known scientifically as Morinda citrifolia. It has a very distinctive taste and strong smell. It has been used for centuries in the Polynesian culture for healing purposes. Its medicinal and alternative therapies are now being researched by Western medicine to validate the health benefits of using noni fruit.

Description of Noni Fruit

The noni fruit is the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree, and evergreen like bush that grows year round. The noni fruit can grow up to about 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) in length. The noni fruit does vary in color. The color of the fruit ranges from a pale yellow to a light green. The outside of a noni fruit bears a surface that is covered in wart-like bumps, each containing numerous small seeds. The smell of noni fruit can be less than desirable. This odor increases as the noni fruit ripens and lightens in color.

Geography of Noni Fruit

What is Noni Fruit

The exact origin of noni fruit is unknown. Many experts believe that it originated in the coastal forests of the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean, Tahitian Ring islands and Northern Australia. The best growing conditions for the Morinda citrifolia tree is in the loamy sands slightly above sea level.

Over the past 2000 years, the noni fruit has been dispersed all over the world. It has now grows in tropical forests through the world. It is widely available for consumption yet not all noni fruit is of the same quality. The noni fruit that is grown in the Tahitian ring of islands in the South Pacific still has the best quality of noni fruit. The soil, temperature and moisture conditions consistently produce high quality noni harvest after harvest.

Uses of Noni Fruit

The distinctive taste of noni fruit limits the popularity of noni as a fruit that you would eat like an apple. It is mostly used by alternative and cultural medicine systems in a juice form, puree or tea form. Noni has been used for centuries to treat dysentery and asthma.

Noni fruit is packed full of antioxidants thus giving noni additional health benefits and uses. When used as a topical treatment, noni can help heal severe sunburns, relieve swelling and itchiness from bug bites, and it also is used and as anti-aging cream. The antioxidants and nutrients, such as the high levels of vitamins A and C in the noni fruit leave the treated skin feeling invigorated and fresh.

Noni is also used to help treat inflammation caused by arthritis. It is currently being studied with promising preliminary results to help fight certain types of cancers. In addition to this, noni fruit is also being given to as a treatment for stress relief.

Effectiveness of Noni Fruit

The current research being conducted on noni fruit's health benefits is ongoing. The results that have been received to date are very promising and much still needs to be completed. Through these studies many things have been learned about noni fruit, and the noni juices that are being sold today.

First is the quality of the noni fruit is vital. The better the fruit the righter it is in the vitamins and minerals it provides as well as the potency of the antioxidants. The second thing is that the entire noni fruit must be used whether in juice form or not. If only the flesh of the noni fruit is used to make the noni juice, it has been observed that the effectiveness of the noni juice diminishes. The last thing is the amount of noni fruit that is used in the juice.

As noni fruit is not the best tasting fruit, some manufactures will limit the amount of noni fruit in their noni fruit. They will limit the noni fruit and add more grape, pineapple and other sweet tasting fruits to make the juice more appealing, yet reducing the effectiveness of the noni juice.

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