Noni Supports Arthritic Relief

Noni Supports Arthritic Relief

The Healing Power of Noni

For centuries Noni has been used extensively in traditional medicine systems. The Polynesian culture and others in the South Pacific and Australia have used Noni to treat many ailments and diseases. Green and lumpy from the outside, the Noni fruit comes from a tree in the coffee family called Morinda stressfully. One of the uses for Noni that western medicine is starting to study is the effects of Noni fruit in treating arthritis and the symptoms associated with arthritis.

Noni and Osteoarthritis

Noni Fights Arthritis Sypmtoms

The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disorder, and osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear on the body's joints, and the joint cartilage wearing down.

Based on a study published in February 2011 in "Functional Foods in Health and Disease," noni juice shows great potential as a supplement that can be used alongside traditional treatments for osteoarthritis. The participants in the study that were given noni juice, shown significant improvements in walking, arm function , reduction in joint pain, as well as tension level and mood. Overall those that received noni juice where in better condition than those that did not receive any noni juice.

The most potent noni juice is Premium Organic Noni Juice. Unlike many other noni juices that only use the juice of the noni fruit, Premium Organic Noni uses the entire fruit. The rind, the pulp and the juice, thus ensuring you get the absolute maximum health benefits from drinking Premium Organic Noni. Get more information on this amazing product here.

Noni Reduces Inflammation

Our bodies have many natural responses, one of which inflammation. It is a natural response of our immune system. However inflammation from our immune system over long periods of time, or repeatedly is a chronic condition. This type of chronic inflammation leads to such conditions as rheumatoid arthritis.

Noni fruit is showing great potential in reducing inflammation as a supplement. In research results that were published in the January 2010 issue of "Phytotherapy Research" the in vitro experiments with white human blood cells showed positive results. In the experiments the noni stopped inflammation-causing proteins in the white blood cells, thus eliminating the inflammation. Experiments similar to these as well clinical trials are being conducted to further understand the health benefits of noni for fighting arthritis.

Noni and Pain Relief

Noni fruit is also used for relieving pain symptoms. Noni fruit has been used for centuries in alternative medicine systems and is now being studied by Western medicine on its effectiveness of relieving pain. In the same January 2010 "Phytotherapy Research" the results from a study conducted on mice was published. In it the report explained how the control group of mice that were given a noni fruit puree, lead to reduced pain sensitivity. It was also reported that the noni fruit results were similar to that of tramadol, a pain-relieving medication.

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