Top Health Uses for Noni Fruit

Health and Medicinal Uses of Noni Fruit

What is Noni Fruit?

Noni is a the fruit of an evergreen like tropical plant found in the South Pacific, Hawaii, parts of the Caribbean and in Asia. The noni fruit itself is best described as a yellowish-white fruit, about 3-4 inches long with bumps around the entire outer surface of the fruit. The entire noni fruit has been used for centuries for various medicinal reasons. The noni fruit rind (or skin) the pulp and the noni juice all have remedies that they are used for. As well as using the entire fruit depending on the ailment, noni fruit can be used as a topical treatment, or as a supplement that is ingested.

Health and Medicinal Uses of Noni

Nutritional Benefits of Noni

The list of health benefits for noni fruit is long, and there are many studies that are being currently being conducted that are proving noni's health benefits, as well as finding new ways that noni fruit is helping to improve people's health globally.

Traditionally, noni had been used as a dye, treatment for skin conditions and to help relieve joint pains. It was later found that noni fruit has the ability to when taken on a regular basis help to boost the immune system thus helping people avoid diseases before they started.

Other health benefits and uses of noni fruit and noni juice are in the treatment of pain. The types of pain that noni has been successful in reducing are; pain caused by inflammation from arthritis, headaches and reducing menstrual cramping. Noni can also boost energy levels for those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, help to regulate glucose levels for those who suffer from diabetes and also help aid in the treatment of high blood pressure.

When used as a topical remedy, noni fruit also has many health benefits and uses. With its anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties, noni fruit and noni juice puree help to eliminate swelling and itching from bug bites, can sooth severe sun burns as well as aid in the healing process of cuts and wounds. Noni is also used as an anti-aging treatment as the antioxidants in noni help to revitalize tired and aging skin.

Research on Health Benefits of Noni

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, or MSKCC makes reference to some potentially exciting breakthroughs in noni fighting cancer. In research being conducted at the University of Hawaii's Cancer Research Center, noni is showing potential that it may help to reduce the risk of cancer in smokers. While quitting smoking is the best way to reduce your risk of getting cancer, noni is showing promise that it too can help. This research is still preliminary and the final results have yet to be published, but this could be ground breaking.

Similar to the research referenced by the MSKCC, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, or NCCAM is currently funding research for noni effects on treating other types of cancer. The NCCAM is looking to see how effective noni fruit is in being an additional treatment in the fight against prostate and breast cancers, and how it may be able to shrink the tumors.

Forms of Noni Juice

Noni fruit has a very distinctive and different taste. This taste can make the juice less then appealing, so noni juice manufactures will combine it with other fruit juices to make it more palatable. Year after, one of the best-selling noni juices is Premium Organic Noni.

It is very popular for two main reasons. First, Premium Organic Noni uses the entire noni fruit. This means that you get not only the noni juice, but you get the antioxidants and health benefits from the noni fruit rind as well as the pulp. This ensures that you get the maximum health benefit out of every ounce of noni juice that you drink.

The second reason why Premium Organic Noni is so popular is the taste. While noni fruit is different, Premium Organic Noni uses the right combination of other fruit juices to give Premium Organic Noni a great flavor. To get more information on Premium Organic Noni go here.

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