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From a traditional point of view there are thousands of ways to make money. When you look at it from the modern way, ways that involve using technology and online, there is literally an endless supply of ways to make money!

So than why are so many people struggling to make money?

Just as there are so many ways to make money, there is almost as many if not more opinions on what it takes to make money! Yes everything from having the right product, to you have to get in at the right time, or it has to be easy, and the list goes on and on. But in all that confusion, in all the opinions of how to make money, there are some simple basics that get overlooked.

Learn How You Can Make Money From Home

First if you want to get something different, you have to be willing to DO something different. Albert Einstein said it best; “Repeating to do the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results is the definition of insanity!” Think about it . . . you are where you are today because of what you are doing. So, do you think simply changing the scenery around you is going to make a difference? By scenery we are talking job or career.  Of course not! You have to look to change what you are doing.

With that though, you do not have to completely change what you are doing over night! That is not what is being said here. No, you have to first open your mind to the possibilities that exist, which will then allow you to see the opportunities in a whole new light, and then can start slowly. Working gradually and consistently to build momentum.

So now that you understand that you will have to change what you are doing, what comes next? This is where many people make their biggest mistake. They now understand, agree and are willing to start to do different things to make money, but they unfortunately go about the process wrong. They handle step one properly, but next they look for the opportunity! The way to make money, forgetting one huge and all important fact. They don’t know what they are doing! If they did, if they knew what to do to make money, they wouldn’t be looking for an opportunity to make money, would they?!

No the second step is not to look for the opportunity it is to look for support. Look for support that will help you to build your understanding of what you will have to do to make money. Look for support that is going to work with you to build a plan based on your wants and needs, not someone else’s. Look for support that has been doing this long enough to have built success. If you want to catch a cold, hand around people who have a cold. If you want to generate a million dollar income, hang around millionaires!

41 Millionaires Created in 10 Years! Learn How

That last line may sound strange, but look at the facts. If you were to quickly look at your friends and the people that are closest to you, are most of them in the same position as you? Looking for to make more money? Looking for alternative ways? Now look at the wealthy people you read about in the news. Who do they have as friends? In most cases, others that are in the same income bracket as them. Your annual income will be the average of your five closest friends.

Step 1-Open your mind and understand that you have to change what you are doing. Step 2-Find support to guide and coach you to earn the income you want. Step 3-Find the vehicle that will allow you us your talents and new skills to earn the income you want.

So what is the best option for Step 3 in How to Make Money? That is now up to you because if you follow Steps 1 and 2, you by now will have a much clearer understanding of what you need to satisfy your wants. By going through Steps 1 and 2 first, to make money, the fog will be lifted and you will be able to see how so many people have built the success that they want, and have done it in a relatively short period of time. Continue looking for the opportunity to make money first, and not understand the importance of support and what you need to do is a recipe for disaster. One that will continue to have you spinning in circles making the same mistakes over and over again.

Look to understand what you need to do first, than find support to guide and coach you, than the opportunity. Following this simple 3 step process will allow you to make money today, tomorrow and in future!


To your success and well being,

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