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Health Benefits of Mangosteen Xanthones

Xanthones Potential Application for Cancer Treatment

Mangosteen Fruit and Xanthones

While the research is ongoing, xanthones cancer prevention capabilities is showing a lot of promise! There has been research completed that has found that six xanthones, including alpha-mangostin, inhibited growth of human leukemia cells. Some scientists hypothesize that alpha-mangostin mediates a mitochondrial pathway in apoptosis by causing cells to swell, lose their membrane potential, and decrease their intracellular energy. The investigators concluded that their results suggest that “alpha-mangostin and its analogs would be candidates for preventive and therapeutic application for cancer treatment.”

A xanthone called garcinone E exerts cytotoxic effects against human hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) cells, and extract from mangosteen rind was found to have potent anti-proliferative, anti-oxidative, and apoptotic effects against human breast cancer cells. The researchers in Thailand who reported the anticancer action of xanthones against human breast cancer suggest that this antioxidant compound has the potential to prevent cancer as well as to treat it.

In the spring of 2006, researchers at the The Ohio State University published the results of their studies of mangosteen and its cancer-prevention properties. Using chromatography of an extract of the pericarp, they isolated two new xanthones and twelve known xanthones and determined which xanthones had the strongest antioxidant action. They identified 8-hydroxycudraxanthone G, gartanin, alpha-mangostin, gamma-mangostin, and smeathxanthone A as the most active found and found that alpha-mangostin had some of the strongest ability to inhibit the growth of precancerous cells.

The same year, investigators in Thailand reported similar, and even more promising, results. They identified three new prenylated xanthones-mangostenones C (1), D (2), and E (3)-and tested their anticancer effects along with sixteen known xanthones isolated from the young (seven-week old) fruit of Garcinia mangostana. They observed cytotoxic properties against three human cancer cell lines, epidermoid carcinoma of the mouth, breast cancer, and small-cell lung cancer. Alpha-mangostin displayed the most potent effects against breast cancer cells with anticancer activity greater than that of the anticancer drug ellipticine.

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