Health Benefits of Lychee Juice

Health Benefits of Lychee Juice

Enjoy Lychee Juice Health Benefits Today

The amazing health benefits of lychee, or litchi, fruit is protected and encased behind its uneatable red skin, or armor. Once you remove the inedible skin on a lychee fruit, you will find that that whitish, juicy flesh of a lychee fruit has within it, hard brown pits at it center.

In addition to scientifically proven nutritional benefits, the lychee fruit has been used in traditional medicine and is being studied for it antioxidant properties. The United States Department of Agriculture states 1 cup of raw lychee fruit without the shell or seeds, is more than 80 percent liquid. Thus, one of the easiest ways to get the health benefits of lychee fruit is from drinking the juice.

By drinking lychee juice, you are avoiding the hard, inedible outer shell and the hard brown seeds that are inside the lychee itself. While lychee may be a small fruit, it carries many health benefits. See how you can benefit from lychee juice from TriFuision Max.

Vitamins found in Lychee Juice

When most people think of vitamin C, they automatically think of eating oranges. However lychee fruit is very high in Vitamin C. If you were to consume 100 grams of lychee fruit, you would get more than 100 percent of your daily vitamin C requirements.

There are many things that vitamin C does for our bodies, it helps to prevent bleeding, thus improving the speed at which our bodies can heal wounds. Vitamin C helps to build collagen in the body, the fibrous protein in our bodies that connects and supports other bodily tissues. Studies are showing the potential for vitamin C to contribute to cardiovascular health and improve general life expectancy. One topic that is still be debated, as the data from various studies are mixed, is the consumption of large quantities of vitamin C as a way to prevent and treat minor infections such as the common cold.

Lychee Provides B Vitamins

Health Benefits of Lychee Fruit

One necessary nutrient vital to a healthy lifestyle for humans is vitamin C. Lychee fruit, and consequently lychee juice is rich in vitamin C. Based on studies by the Mayo Clinic, the formation of blood vessels and the absorption of iron are all helped with vitamin C. The development and growth of muscles, bones and cartilage also requires vitamin C for proper development, growth and sustained health.

Lychee juice is not only an excellent source of vitamin C, but lychee is also an excellent source for a portion of your daily intake of vitamins B2, or riboflavin, and vitamin B6. The main purpose of these B vitamins is to help your body metabolize proteins and carbohydrates while producing antibodies. Developing and maintaining a healthy immune system could not be done without the vitamins contained within lychee fruit.

Degenerative Disease Prevention with Lychee Juice

Antioxidants are critical to maintaining our health. They protect our trillions of cells from free radicals. Lychees have extremely high contents of an antioxidant compound known as polyphenol. From a 2006 article in the "The Journal of Nutrition", it states that polyphenol consumption has been linked to effects that protect you against degenerative diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease. Thus the article concluded that an individual who eats foods high in polyphenols, such as lychees, which are second to only strawberries and grapes, can help to prevent the onset of these degenerative diseases.

Potassium from Lychee Juice

Another mineral that lychee has in abundance is potassium. Potassium is an important mineral that our bodies need for multiple bodily functions.

Potassium assists in muscle contractions and in maintaining appropriate levels of fluid and the electrolyte balance in the body cells. It is critical to maintaining a normal heartbeat or heart rhythm. Potassium also functions in the conduction of nerve impulses and enables the body to convert glucose into energy, which is then stored in reserve by the muscles and liver.

After a workout, a glass of lychee juice can give you the potassium boost you need to help to restore your energy levels. Potassium will also help your body to metabolize water and electrolytes resulting in quicker hydration.

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Alternative Medicine with Lychees

What do health care practitioners think of lychee fruit? In her book "The 200 Super Foods That Will Save Your Life" Deborah Klein notes practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have used and prescribed lychee fruit as both a pain reliever and as an aid to help digestion. She also points out that recent Chinese college studies have given indications that lychees, more specially the polyphenols that lychees contain, could be used to prevent the formation and growth of breast and liver cancer cells. These studies are on-going.

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