Glucosamine Reduces Joint Pain

Glucosamine 2200

Eliminate Joint Pain

Glucosamine provides joint pain relief

According to statistics, the quality of life is greatly affected for about 20% of the population with varying degrees of joint problems when not detected early. These joint problems can be anything from sport injuries to arthritis. Regardless of what the joint pain is caused from, the end results is the same. Discomfort and reduced mobility or to be put in other terms, it's painful to move.

Stress, physical exertion and age are a few things that can lead to pain, stiffness and swelling of the joints. Lack of the body's production in Glucosamine when these things occur is what causes these feelings.

Glucosamine 2200, a unique dietary supplement, creates building blocks for healthy joints and cartilage production.

Supplemental Components

Glucosamine - A natural compound that is found in healthy cartilage. Glucosamine sulfate is a normal constituent of glycoaminoglycans in cartilage matrix and synovial fluid. Glucosamine is used to reduce friction between the bones caused by the wear and tear and loss of cartilage.

Shark Cartilage The lack of articular cartilage often produces pain in the joints. Shark Cartilage added directly to the articular cartilage collagen relieves injuries to the cartilage in the knee and back.

Green Lip Mussel Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and mucopolysaccharides, this component of the Glucosamine 2200 helps to repair damaged cartilage while effectively relieving joint pain.

Turmeric - Long known for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric provides beneficial aid in the reduction of joint swelling, pain and flexibility.

The consumption of Glucosamine 2200 can directly stimulate cartilage cells to produce more collagen and proteoglycan of the articular cartilage and help prevent loss of synovial fluid to support normal functionality of the joints.

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Glucosamine 2200

Stop living in pain! Glucosamine 2200 is an unique dietary supplement that can eliminate joint pain, and allow you to get the mobility that you lost. Stop suffering from joint pain from arthritis or sports injuries, as Glucosamine 2200 helps to promote cartilage production. Get your bottle today!



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