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Engineered Lifestyles takes great pride in seeing our clients succeed in achieving their goals. It is for this reason that we are constantly on the lookout for ways to help our clients get what they want!

The internet allows us to have at our fingertips an unlimited amount of resources to share. That is the purpose of the Friends of EL pages. They are summary pages of the many great sites and resources that we have come across in our journeys, and in our mentoring of thousands of people worldwide.

We have made this as organized as possible by categorizing the links by common themes. Thus if you are looking for other Wealthy Lifestyle related items, we have that. Looking for other Healthy Lifestyle related items, we have that too, and so on.

Engineered Lifestyles has found the following amazing websites to increase your internal as well as external Beauty.

Create Liberty

We offer tips and insight for the home based entrepreneurs. We offer small business ideas that are new to the trending world of the ecommerce and Internet based business.

Easy Hits for U - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising! Looking to improve your site's visibility? For that you are going to need traffic. This site can help with that. Simple and easy to use, this traffic source is used by thousands to improve the number of visitors to their site(s) every day. Tell them that Engineered Lifestyles sent you.

Money Mastery Online

Making Money Online and creating wealth offline is the future of financial freedom & wealth creation. Start growing your net worth today and check out Money Mastery's great online money making ideas and offline investing resources.

Tax Help Guide

Offering tax help and guidance by focusing on compliance issues. Providing discussion on issues that expose tax jargon, disclosure requirements and IRS expectations. Discussions are aimed at inquirers to help them find IRS resolution with one-call-does-all effectiveness.

Come back to this page often as new links are being added regularly.

**Engineered Lifestyles does not take any responsibility for claims that are made by site links found on this page. While every effort has been made to ensure that these sites are legitimate and truthful, there is always the possibility of changes being made after Engineered Lifestyles reviews the sites. It is our recommendation that you be aware of claims made to protect yourself.

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Entrepreneurs cross the finish line first
You can't cross the finish line if you never start! Do not let fear and anxiety stop you from achieving your dreams. Become an entrepreneur, start your own global business and be successful. You are not alone and Engineered Lifestyles is here to support you. Take the first step in understanding what experts are calling the Business of the 21st Century. Listen to what they have to say right here.
Entrepreneurial skills
There are many skills that an entrepreneur must develop and continually improve. Being in business for yourself is extremely rewarding, yet one must be prepared. There will be challenges to overcome, otherwise your business and dreams will die. Do not let that happen to you. Learn the skills that every entrepreneur needs to be successful in today's global economy. Start getting your information here.


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