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The Results are In. This Facelift Works

The following information is facelift testimonials from satisfied Skindulgence 30 Minute Non Surgical Facelift customers. The facelift testimonials are in their own words and describe who the product worked for them. Amazing results is just the beginning to what this product does for people! Read their stories below and you will start to understand this amazing product!

People Love This Non-Surgical Facelift

I have been a great fan of Skindulgence for 6 years. From the first time that I came across this product I have been astounded by the results. I had never had great skin, even after trying many products over the years - over the counter and prescription. With sensitive skin, I would either get dry red skin or unsightly break out. With Skindulgence, my skin looks and feels wonderful. It is clear and has a healthy tone. It is a keeper!

Su Dazé
Vancouver, Canada

I love the Skindulgence 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift System. Sharing a picture of my sister, which I took after her first application of the non-surgical facelift, has helped me develop my business all over the world. The results are so evident; you can definitely see a difference on one side of her face from her jaw line to her forehead. Also, the color and texture of her skin is wonderful. It's true what they say, "When you look younger, you feel better about yourself!!"

Eileen Spencer
Toronto, Canada

Skindulgence 30 Minute Non-Surgical Facelift Works

When I heard about Skindulgence 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift, I knew I wanted to try it. My bathroom shelves are filled with "anti-aging" products which have not worked for me. Yippee! Skindulgence works! The deep lines around my mouth are lessening and the sagging neck skin is tightening up. My 63 year old skin is looking better every day.

Martha Mayo
Toronto, Canada

I have now used the Skindulgence 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift for the fifth time, and I cannot tell you the remarkable difference in my face already!! A colleague of mine showed it to me. He was using it, and I saw the difference.

It is so wonderfully gratifying to see what this is doing for me. I have signed on as an independent distributor because there are quite a few friends and family members who will simply love this. I have considered a surgical face-lift, but I don't think I will need one now!!!

I could definitely be a "poster" advertisement for this product. I have already had several people ask me what I am doing, and I am happy to share because of the difference it can make in how one feels.
The cleanser and the moisturizer have an absolutely wonderful, subtle fragrance, and I am sensitive to added fragrances, so I don't use them, but this is wonderful.

I have used other "masque" products before, but this one is like a gentle massage that you can actually feel working! I love to use it in the evening...I put it on, close my eyes and concentrate on the sensations the masque produces as it is working. I sometimes leave it on longer than the "30-minutes"…it is a gift of luxury.
All the best!!

Anna McMillian
Las Vegas, United States

I use Skindulgence 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift regularly. Recently, I went to an amusement park with my daughter, and there was a gentleman guessing ages. He had been pretty accurate so I thought I would put him to the Skindulgence® challenge. Boy, did he fail the test! He missed my age by 14 years, and was he surprised! He almost acted like I was lying to get a stuffed animal. I even offered to show him my driver’s license. So, whether you are male or female the Skindulgence 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift really does work. Oh, by the way, I am 63, and he guessed 49.

Larry Wilson
Boca Raton, United States

The Skindulgence 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift has been most pleasing and perfect towards fighting my anti-aging concerns. At 53, I certainly have shown signs of aging on my face; however, thanks to the Skindulgence 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift, I constantly receive compliments about an improved appearance (something that has never happened before). There is no question that the Skindulgence 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift makes me feel more comfortable when I am with my wife who is 13 years younger than me!

Al Shea
Colorado Springs, United States

Amazement was the response from everyone around me the first time I used the Skindulgence 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift! The deep wrinkles on my left forehead were much less pronounced and the crows feet were not near as deep under my left eye. Plus, the tone and texture on the left side of my face was smooth and revitalized. Skindulgence 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift is an amazing product, the only thing you have to lose is wrinkles!

Laverne Hutchinson
Lake City, United States

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