Expansion into Australia

Our company started on January 22nd, 2001, and since then we have already sold more than 1 billion + U.S. dollars of products in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Taiwan, Russia and many other countries. We officially started in the European Union in 2008 and are now looking to expand into Australia and the South Pacific. As we are in the "pre-launch" phase, this means we have barely scratched the surface of our potential. With Australia being or prime focus in the South Pacific, we are looking for leaders to partner with us to develop the business in this market.

Our company has developed 41 millionaires around the world, and more than 10 have earned $100,000 in a single week! You could be next!

This simple powerful marketing plan makes it possible to develop an excellent full-time monthly income in your first 60 to 90 days and to walk away rich in 2-3 years with a fantastic early retirement plan.

  • Business Opportunity Expansion in Australia

    Seamless Business Model

    Let Engineered Lifestyles show you how you can earn a million dollar income from anywhere in the world! The world is open for business 24/7. Make money globally, residually, anywhere in the world.

  • Business Opportunity Expansion in Australia

    Long-term Benefits Low Risk

    This global opportunity will create a million dollar income for you in just 2-3 years. There are only two risks you face; 1. Not getting started, and 2. Not following the simple steps required to make money.

  • Business Opportunity Expansion in Australia

    Global Support & Training

    Engineered Lifestyles has the training system in place to guide you to your success. You supply the desire and we supply the means. We will work with your current skills and prepare a business plan that will allow you to make the money you desire.

  • Business Opportunity Expansion in Australia

    Residual Income

    This global opportunity has proven to generate and allow people to make money while they are sleeping. Let Engineered Lifestyles show you how to create a residual income stream that will change your life, and your lifestyle forever! Never worry about money again!

  • Business Opportunity Expansion in Australia

    Above Average Income

    To create an above average income you will need a work commitment of at least 7-10 hours/week. A willingness to learn new abilities. Follow the leadership of experienced leaders in the field. A commitment to stay focused on building this business for at least 2-3 years.


Understand the Benefits of this Global Opportunity

Our wellness/anti-aging, all natural products demonstrate in minutes, are high quality and make it possible for anyone to quickly build a large network of customers and distributors. All products are delivered directly to your door anywhere in Australia.

You would be working with multi-millionaires who have opened up more than 36 markets and counting. While Australia is a new market with unlimited growth potential, you would not be working alone in the development of customers and distributors. Our success has been so great because of our full team support, including coming Australia for support.

The first people to move into action and use this opportunity in Turkey will have the greatest advantage as they will have whole cities and regions under them, generating a percentage of all sales volume, and becoming financially free in a very short period of time.

You have just been given a proven, stable, once in a lifetime opportunity to have all the success you have dreamed of right in your own country.

The Choice is Yours, Move into Action Now!

See what those whose took action with this opportunity are saying . . .

  • "This opportunity and the support system have allowed me to leave my high paying job as an engineer to create an income and lifestyle that wasn't possible working 80 hours a week. Now I earn more in a week than I did in a month, and I've done it all from the beaches of the world!"

    Jamie Messina, Niagara Falls, Canada

  • "I knew with all my heart, this industry and business model was going to be the vehicle of my dreams. I was so right. This business model is changing the lives of people globally...dreams do come true!"

    Joe Garcia, Oakville, Canada

  • "After running a successful traditional business for 23 years, I often questioned my desire to remain in the industry that I was involved with. Today because of this business I never have to concern myself with legal issues, overhead or staffing and am now able to work from the comfort of my home and continue to build my dreams and goals."

    Patrick Tulloch, Toronto, Canada

  • "Joined this opportunity at the age of 50 because I needed a fast-track to developing a retirement income. Over the past 8 years I have created the retirement income needed plus so much more. I am able to travel the world never having to worry about money again!"

    Garth Wright, Prague, Czech Republic

  • "I've been able to earn in ONE WEEK what I used to earn in a whole year in my best years in the corporate world. I now own million dollar homes in two countries, but most important help countless other people create financial independence and complete freedom in countries around the world."

    Dan Catto, Toronto, Canada

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Actions Shape Destinies

Once moved into action you become unstoppable. Your actions always determine your destiny! Using this global opportunity, our combined actions will provide you with a destiny that you have always dreamed about!