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Trillions of Cells Communicating Simultaneously

Cellular Communication

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In October of 1994, Alfred G. Gilman of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Martin Rodibell of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences received the Nobel Prize for determining how the cells of the human body communicate with one another by sending and receiving "radio" signals. Other scientists have demonstrated that the clustered or “ringed” water that is present in the cells of all living things facilitated signal transduction.

Nobel laureate David Baltimore, a molecular biologist at Rockefeller University in New York, has stated: "Signal transduction is a whole new world of biochemical interactions, the ones we've always been looking for, because these are the interactions that control cell behavior."

Robert Bell, head of the Department of Molecular Cancer Biology at Duke University, is quoted as saying: "Signal transduction is
the single most important unifying concept in modern day biology and medicine."

There is ample reason for these dramatic statements. Water plays an crucial role in cell communication and thousands of other metabolic functions, and that the cell is not the “cartoon-like” little circle and nucleus we once thought it to be. Rather, it is an extremely complex structure that utilizes organized water not only for enabling chemical reactions, but also for the receiving and sending of vital information.

Research has shown that the clustered water within the body is common in young healthy cells, but levels diminish as we age. This active, highly mobile water helps deliver nutrients more quickly, hydrates more efficiently, and promotes cell waste removal much more effectively than the "bound" water most commonly found in older cell systems.

The Russian scientist Trincher stated that: "...the water inside the living cell must be in a state of maximum order." The DNA in our trillions of cells is constantly transmitting information at lightening speed via resonant frequencies. And, most interestingly, the core of each DNA double helix is a column of water clusters. In addition to the clustered core of the helix, copious amounts of water are organized in multiple layers at the surface of intracellular structural proteins and membranes. Because of the role played by this highly organized water within the cell, cells possess individual and cooperative resonant patterns that change with age, and vary relative to metabolic efficiency. The discovery of clustered water has demonstrated that these cellular resonance patterns can be enhanced, or "tuned", producing beneficial effects on tissue and organ homeostasis.

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