100 best sex tips page 5

100 Best Sex Tips from 2011

100 Best Sex Tips for 2011 Page 5

56. Is the Standing Wheelbarrow position too difficult for you? Make it easier. Have your guy sit on the couch, you then sit on him. Then simply lean forward so your hands are on the floor and your knees are on either side of his thighs.

57. Watch porn together. Research shows that more and more woman are watching porn alone, but the buddy system is nice too.

58. Watch what you wear ladies. A recent poll concluded that guys think one of the sexiest outfits their woman can lounge in is yoga pants and a tank top.

59. Send dirty emails telling your partner what you are going to do to them when you are together. Something such as "When I get home I'm going to spank your butt firmly." Feel free to make the email dirtier than that.

60. Women love their manicures. Why not use them? Use your nails to scratch his back, chest and inner thighs, to mention a few places.

61. While this may have come from a movie, it holds truth to it. "Don't call my penis cute. Even if it's dressed up as a Care Bear and it's giving you a Care Bear stare." ~Ashton Kutcher in No Strings Attached

62. Have your guy bend his knees and press his thighs together. Lean back and rest against his legs, then stretch your legs out so that one foot is on either side of his head.

63. Ladies tell you man to picture your vagina as a (really pretty) clock face and have him kiss each numbered position round and round and . . . Spice this one up even more by having some Alura on your clitoris while he "passes the time."

64. Heat up a water bottle, and roll it back and forth over your man's nerve-packed pubic mound. Hot temperatures are more stimulating than touch alone.

65. Make a regular sex date to start the week. Researchers have found that a romp can cure a case of the Mondays.

66. Ladies if you are plateauing on your way to orgasm, experts say to change up the speed and pressure. You can also use some Alura to make your clitoris more sensitive and more aroused to help you orgasm.

67. Grab your Alura, and show him how to apply it. Continue to touch yourself in front of him. Forty-eight percent of men want to watch a woman go at it solo.

68. Sit on top of him, then put your legs over his shoulders, lie all the way back, and roll onto your side on the bed (keep him inside you). He should be pumping you from the side while upside-down.

69. The simplest of touches can do so much. Hold the head of you man's penis in your mouth and use your fingers to stroke figure eights softly on the sides of his shaft. These light touches and motion increased blood flow.

70. The CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) doubles a woman's odds of orgasm. In missionary, have you guy shift forward so that the base of his penis messages your clitoris.

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