100 best sex tips page 4

100 Best Sex Tips from 2011

100 Best Sex Tips for 2011 Page 4

41. Get in the tub, and bring a cup of ice cubes. Takes turns rubbing the ice cubes over each others bits until they melt. The mixing of hot and cold sensations is moan inducing.

42. Squirt some lube on your breasts and use it to lube up his penis.

43. Set aside a night for oral "coreplay" - meaning that oral is the main event. Did you know that Alura is tasteless and can even be used when you man is going down on you. Try some today.

44. Rihanna has been photographed rocking fishnets on her tour. Why not rock a pair in the bedroom?

45. Request a strip show. Take turns. Why do you think they call it exotic dancing?

46. Ladies before doing the deed, check out your man's hands. Studies have shown that men with shorter index fingers than ring fingers tend to have larger penises, finds a new study.

47. According to a UCLA sex survey, the top songs to have in your sex playlist are anything by Marvin Gaye, Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved," and David Guetta's "Sexy Bitch."

48. Ladies with your knees bent, ride him reverse cowgirl, leaning your chest and torso against his upper legs.

49. Men do like talking. Tell him "I'm excited" as couples expert Ish Major, MD, swears this phrase amps up a man's desire. Increase it by saying "I'm excited to get naked with you!"

50. Use an intercourse-designed vibrator, like the Lelo Tiani or a We-Vibe.

Kneel over you man with your knees on either side of his shoulders. Then give him a vigorous hand job. This combination with the unbeatable view is a total erotic treat.

51. Take a cue from Gossip Girl's Blair and Chuck and slip into the coat room at a party for a little gropage action.

52. Wrap a belt around each of you man's thighs. This will push more blood into his penis, making his erection feel even harder.

53. Have a naked pillow fight.

54. Better sex can also be increased with what you eat. Ladies toss zinc-rich sesame seeds on your salads. Zinc will increase the levels of testosterone in your body. According to doctors this increase in testosterone will increase your sex drive.

55. A Rutgers University study showed that the trick to setting off a mental orgasm is to visualize naughty thoughts and activities.

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