100 best sex tips page 3

100 Best Sex Tips from 2011

100 Best Sex Tips for 2011 Page 3

26. Ladies you can jump-start your orgasm. A study found that when some women mimicked the breathing pattern and sounds of an orgasm, they were able to bring on the real deal. The chances were increased even more when they were using Alura.

27. Have some fun while out. Flash your man when he opens the door for you. Just take a look at the 2011 ad for Agent Provocateur features actress Paz de la Huerta doing just that.

28. Ladies when you man enters you from the rear on all fours, lie on your stomach. This way he will not be able to penetrate you too deeply, plus the bed will provides C-spot stimulation.

29. Use Alura! Doctors, nurses and satisfied customers call it Orgasm in a bottle!

30. Have lazy morning sex. Many research studies show that people who get it on in the morning are happier than those that don't.

31. Dig your nails into the underside of his butt checks as you perform oral on him, as that area rarely gets any attention and is very sensitive.

32. Guys if you are getting close to orgasm and your woman isn't, squeeze the head of your penis gently, which will decrease sensation and help you to go longer.

33. "There is nothing wrong with a nice garter belt . . . I love that sometimes." ~Heidi Klum

34. Sex toys always add a different dimension to sex, but don't forget about them. Give them some TLC. Dr. Kat, sex doctor for sexual, says to clean them after use, remove the batteries and store them in plastic wrap.

35. With all the voyeurism on Game of Thrones, let it inspire you to do the deed in a place where you might get caught.

36. Ladies when you man is going down on you, tell them to trace a devious pattern on your hoo-ha.

37. Read a young-adult novel. A new study found that they are raunchier than grown up books.

38. Guys try the constant-flick technique. This is where you dart your tongue rapidly against your lady's lady bits.

39. Take your guy down in the middle of your favorite show. Research reveals that many men wish their lives were more spontaneous.

40. Have "comfort sex." Ian Kerner, PhD, coined the term on his website, Good in Bed. "It's like ordering takeout from your favorite Chinese restaurant: There's no need to ponder the menu, but the meal is always yummy."

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