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alura history

The History of Alura

Explained by Dr. Ronald J. Thompson, MD

Alura history is one that is now over 10 years old. This product when first launched took the world by storm as women everywhere finally had a product that was made just for them! Still today women globally are enjoying the many benefits that Alura has.

Watch and listen to what the creator of Alura, Dr. Ronald J. Thompson, MD as he details the Alura history and the many purposes behind this amazing product!

In this video, you will find out . . .

  • When Alura was created.
  • Why Alura was created.
  • How Alura works.
  • . . . and how it can benefit you!

See actual Alura Testimonials from some of the thousands of ladies and couples that have used Alura. See also Alura Fast Facts and Alura FAQ.

Join the thousands of VERY satisfied people who have made Alura the spice of their love lives!

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Important Information

Just as Dr. Thompson explained Alura was created not just to improve a woman's enjoyment of sex, but also for her health too. Do not endure another day of being unsatisfied and unhappy, get your own bottle of Alura today. Order directly from us and have it shipped right to your front door. Start to have fulfilling, orgasmic sex, the way it was intended to be!

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