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A fantastic and fulfilling relationship is what most people desire in life. Having issues that relate to lack of sexual pleasure can be disastrous for the intimate relationship. Fortunately there is Alura Lux! Formulated expressly for women, Alura Lux is medically proven to enhance a woman's enjoyment during sexual activity. Through increased sensitivity and better vaginal lubrication women around the globe are experiencing a rise in the number of orgasms they are having plus increased overall sexual satisfaction.

Reports show that 1 in 3 romantic relationship break-ups are due to a lack of intimacy. Alura Lux was designed improve those statistics by increasing the physical intimacy between couples. Reports have displayed that improving the physical intimacy greatly improves the emotional intimacy and longevity of the relationship.

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Buy Alura 15mL Pump in JapanAccording to Dr. Dale Keeton, world renowned psychologist, "When sexual intimacy is boosted, the other dimensions of intimacy look to improve communication increases and thus, the overall relationship is enhanced".

Patented and risk-free, Alura Lux is a transparent viscous blend that contains all natural ingredients that is targeted for one function -- to keep a woman's clitoris turned on and sensitive. Alura Lux is applied directly to a woman's clitoris and works instantly. It passes through the soft surface tissues and creates an exhilarating "cool tingling" sensation.

The results of Alura Lux are experienced from the very use. Through scientific studies Alura Lux has been shown to enhance a woman's enjoyment and satisfaction from its very first use. Over time, Alura Lux continues to benefit a woman as sensitivity and arousal become more magnified with each usage. It is through the patented formulation of Alura Lux that a woman's satisfaction is ensured! Find out what women and their partners are saying about Alura Lux by reading the Alura Lux Testimonials.

Alura Lux is a natural, topical cream and is sold online through Engineered Lifestyles and the NHT Global network directly to you in Japan. It has been evaluated by research laboratories, nurses, and thousands of women around the globe, including physicians in many clinical studies. Increase in ability to orgasm, increase in amount of orgasms and greater overall all sexual satisfaction were documented as just a few of the perks seen from using Alura Lux! See for yourself and read the Alura Lux Clinical Studies results.

This product is a 100 % water soluble essence product which quickly moistens your skin and makes it feel fresh, alive and healthy. Use a sufficient amount of it every morning and evening and massage into the skin. You will see optimum results if you use it daily for 60 days. (Note: This product contains Menthol so be careful not to put around your eyes. And if you are pregnant, do not use this product).

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