Alura Lux explained

Alura Lux Explained by Dr. Robert Bender

A Simple Explanation of Alura Lux by Dr. Bender

Alura Lux is an amazing product. If you are asking yourself "What is Alura Lux?" or "How does Alura Lux work?" Now we have the answers here for you. Alura Lux explained by Dr. Robert Bender. Listen to what Dr. Bender has to say about Alura Lux and how it works.

Having Alura Lux explained by Dr. Bender will all you to understand how it interacts with a woman's clitoris, what it does to excite the clitoris and therefore improve a woman's sexual experience. If you are looking to purchase a product to improve your sex life, if you want to have more orgasms you will want to watch this short video!

Alura Lux from a Doctor's Perspective

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Alura 17mL Airless Pump BottleAccording to Dr. Dale Keeton, renowned psychologist, "When sexual intimacy is enhanced, the other dimensions of intimacy seem to improve communication increases and thus, the overall relationship is enhanced."

Alura Lux is a patented, safe, clear viscous compound that contains ingredients that help keep the surface of the clitoris sensitive. When applied to a woman’s genital area, it penetrates the soft surface tissue and creates an exhilarating, “cool tingling” sensation. In some cases, the continual use of Alura Lux can result in greater intimate pleasure for women.

What is L-Arginine?
L-arginine is naturally occurring amino acid that can be found in l-arginine rich foods. These l-arginine rich foods include animal proteins such as dairy products, meat, poultry and fish and plants such as nuts.

As is necessary for the production of protein, L-arginine helps rid the body of ammonia, a waste product in our bodies and stimulates the release of insulin. In addition to this, L-arginine is used to make nitric oxide in our bodies. It is this attribute that Alura Lux uses L-arginine for.

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Through the production of nitric oxide the blood vessels are relaxed and increased blood flow occurs. When applied to the clitoris, the blood vessels relax, increased blood flow occurs thus increasing sensitivity.

As Dr. Bender mentioned in the video, a decrease in the sensitivity of the clitoris along with lack of clitoral erection can be caused by:

  • Use of birth control pills
  • Child birth
  • Menopausal

Alura Lux helps to restore sensitivity and allow the clitoris to have a full erection*. This full erection makes for a better sexual arousal for a better sexual experience and increased satisfaction.

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