Alura Lux Cream Improves Sperm Capacitation

Alura Lux Cream Improves Sperm Capacitation

Improving Fertility Rates without Drugs

There are only two days a month in every woman's menstral cycle that conception can be achieved. For couples that are wanting to conceive a child but have not been successful, they know this fact all too well. The disappointment of not conceiving can enduce stresses on a relationship that can further hinder conception.

While nothing can be done to change the amount of time every month that a woman can get pregnant, there are ways to improve the ability of the sperm to reach the unfertilized egg in the ampulla. The process of sperm capacitation is vital to conception. Through improving sperm capacitation it is possible to improve fertility rates without the use of drugs.

Alura Lux cream developed by OB/GYN Dr. Ronald Thompson, is a water based product that drastically improves sperm capacitation through normal physiological functions of the female reproductive system*. Prior to intercourse, Alura Lux is placed directly on the clitoris and immediately stimulates the clitoris imcreasing arousal. With the increase in arousal, vaginal lubrication is improved before, during and after intercourse and allows for proper sperm capaciation to occur.

Alura Lux cream is a safe topical product that is safe for women of all ages. It has been clinically proven, does not require a presription and has no side effects. Watch the short video below to understand further how important sperm capacitation is to the conecption process and how Alura Lux can quickly help improve your fertility rates.

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Alura Lux Improves Conception Rates

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Alura Lux Improves Intimacy

Alura Lux is the #1 intimacy cream on the market. Developed by an OB/GYN for his patients, Alura Lux fulfills the specific needs of women. From increased vaginal lubrication, heightened sensitivity, to increased number and increased intensity of orgasms.*

Why have ordinary sex when you can have amazing sex using Alura Lux? Be satisfied, be happy and have great sex using Alura Lux. Get your bottle today!

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