Alura Lux Support Fertility Improvement

Alura Lux Support Fertility Improvement

How Dr. Thompson Has Helped Couples Conceive

For more than thirty years Dr. Ronald Thompson, MD has been passionate about helping couples conceive and have children. Dr. Thompson was one of the pioneering doctors for the Laparoscopic Gamate IntraFallopian Transfer (GIFT) procedure. GIFT is an assisted reproductive procedure which involves removing a woman's eggs, mixing them with sperm and immediately placing them into a fallopian tube. While this has helped thousands of couples successful conceive a child, Dr. Thompson knew that there could be a simpler and cheaper way for couple to conceive.

Through his years as an obstetrician, Dr. Thompson understood the importance of vaginal lubrication. Through sexaul arousal, adequate vaginal lubrication is required for sperm capacitation. Without proper vaginal lubrication sperm capacitation does not occur and sperm cannot reach the end of the fallopian tube to properly fertilize the awaiting egg. For many women this lack of proper vaginal lubrication has drastically hindered their ability to conceive a child.

With Alura Lux those hinderences are a distant memory. Watch this short video to learn how Dr. Thompson and Alura Lux from NHT Global are allowing women to have more satisfying sex, increased orgasms and drastically improving their vaginal lubrication; all leading to improving fertility rates.

Alura Lux is water based, odorless and has no side effects. It works from the moment it is applied to a woman's clitoris. Watch this short video as Dr. Thompson explains how Alura Lux is improving fertility rates on a daily basis.

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Dr. Thompson Outlines Improved Fertility

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Alura Lux Improves Intimacy

Alura Lux is the #1 intimacy cream on the market. Developed by an OB/GYN for his patients, Alura Lux helps to fulfill the specific needs of women. From increased vaginal lubrication, heightened sensitivity, to increased number of and increased intensity of orgasms.

Why have ordinary sex when you can have amazing sex using Alura Lux? Be satisfied, be happy and have great sex using Alura Lux. Get your bottle today!

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